What “Trumbo” Doesn’t Tell You

CANNABIS CULTURE – I just saw Trumbo, the new film about blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, and it’s as remarkable as everyone’s been saying it is. However there are a few things about it that would, I think, bother Dalton.


Purse Masks Cannabis Smell

The idea came to the two friends because “we are fashionable women of means” who cared that all the stuff in their lives — the shoes, handbags, clothes, sunglasses — properly reflected who they are.


Snoop Dogg Concert, Free Pot Offered as Voting Incentives

A Vancouver marijuana dispensary is offering some unusual perks in an effort to get voters to cast a ballot for the Oct. 19 federal election — a chance to see American rapper Snoop Dogg perform, and a shot at winning free pot.


Budshot: Lemon Lime

CANNABIS CULTURE – Tangy, sweet-and-sour buds of Lemon Lime. Photo by Jeremiah Vandermeer. See more delicious budshots on Cannabis Culture.

By Ellen Komp, Cannabis Culture on

Go Ask About Alice

CANNABIS CULTURE – July 4 was Alice’s Day in the Sequicentennial of 1865, the year when an English mathematician named Charles Dodson – aka Lewis Carroll – led us all down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland.