Snoop Dogg Concert, Free Pot Offered as Voting Incentives

A Vancouver marijuana dispensary is offering some unusual perks in an effort to get voters to cast a ballot for the Oct. 19 federal election — a chance to see American rapper Snoop Dogg perform, and a shot at winning free pot.


Glass Masters 2.0: PendyBlingTech Showcase

CANNABIS CULTURE – An increasingly popular trend amongst the heady-inclined denizens of the greater Matrix is self-adornment using high-end glass jewellery, commonly called pendants.

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Marc’s Prison Concert Performance

Saturday July 2nd: I'm so pleased with the prison concert performance by our band "Stuck"! It was 99 degrees out, and flies landed on my nose on four occasions. One time a fly walked up my left arm to my wrist for about two extraordinarily long minutes during a song and I still was able not to be distracted – whew! That sucker would not fly away; I almost thought it might be diggin' the music. I worked up a real sweat, especially as the afternoon went on.