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Can I turn kief into hash without fancy equipment?

I have a screen and I kiefed all the sun leaves and trim. I'm looking at a big pile of the kief. Now I dream of smoking some real hash. I remember beautiful pliable hash leather in a tea shop in Nepal and hazy days at the Bluebird sampling the hashes of the world. Is there a way for me to turn my kief into hash without a press or fancy equipment?
Burning Bruce's Spear,
Edinburgh, Scotland

Wrap 1/2 inch layer of kief in parchment paper and fold it over. Using low heat on a stove or in an oven, warm a cast iron skillet or stone hot plate. Fill a glass jar with boiling water and close the top tightly Place the wrapped kief on the plate and roll the jar of hot water back and forth over the packet using gloves to protect your hands from the heat. After about five minutes, let the packet cool and then unwrap the hash.

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