Canadian newspapers decry war on drugs

Ongoing series shows futility of drug war.

Canadian newspapers have started a series of lengthy articles describing the failures of the drug war. The stories have been appearing in both the Ottawa Citizen and the Vancouver Sun. The first article was on September 5, and described "Why the War on Drugs has failed". Following articles have taken an in-depth look at drug ar atrocities in Colombia, and at the violence and destruction caused by drug-interdiction.
The whole series will run over two weeks. Each of the articles begins on the front page and fills a 2-page spread in the newspaper.

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Tuesday, Sept 5; Introduction:
Why the War on Drugs has failed

Tuesday, Sept 5; Part One:
Why the War on Drugs has failed

Wednesday, Sept 6; Part Two:
How 'victory' in the Drug War has left Colombia in ruins

Thursday, Sept 7; Part Three:
'As long as there is demand, there will be supply'

Friday Sept 8; Part Four:
Drug trade 'rots' away Mexican society

Saturday Sept 9; Part Five:
Why borders don't stop illegal drugs

Sunday Sept 10; Part Six:
War on drug smuggling 'destructive' and 'senseless'

Monday Sept 11; Part Seven:
Do our drug laws harm us more than they help?

Tuesday Sept 12; Part Eight:
How the Drug War is eroding our civil liberties

Wednesday Sept 13; Part Nine:
Illegal drugs, indecent profits

Thursday Sept 14; Part Ten:
Asking police to fight a war that can't be won

Friday Sept 15; Part Eleven 1/2:
Europe leading the way to smarter drug laws: part 1

Friday Sept 15; Part Eleven 2/2:
Europe leading the way to smarter drug laws: part 2

Saturday Sept 16; Part Twelve:
You can't keep a banned drug down

Sunday Sept 17; Part Thirteen:
The pros and cons of prohibition



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