Jul 17 2014
CANNABIS CULTURE - The Liberal Party of Canada has made marijuana legalization part of their official policy and party leader Justin Trudeau has pledged his support. Here's how you can spread the message and help the party right now!
Jul 12 2014
Pot activist Jodie Emery is set to file the paperwork to run for the Liberal Party of Canada, exposing Justin Trudeau’s promise to legalize marijuana to renewed attacks from the Conservative Party.
Jul 9 2014
CANNABIS CULTURE - Canadian pot activist Jodie Emery discusses the release of her husband Marc from a US penitentiary on the Charles Adler Show on CJOB AM 680.
Jul 1 2014
CANNABIS CULTURE - Vancouver's vociferous pot community will celebrate its annual Cannabis Day celebration today at the Vancouver Art Gallery
Jun 25 2014
On June 26, over 100 cities in at least 46 countries will speak out.
Jun 25 2014
'Prince of Pot' eager to take up legalization fight after release from U.S. prison
Jun 23 2014
Citizens Take to the Streets on June 26 to Protest Current Drug Policies and to Call for an End to the Senseless Criminalization of Drug Users
Jun 19 2014
CANNABIS CULTURE - Marijuana activist and Cannabis Culture Publisher Jodie Emery spoke today at Moses Znaimer's ideacity about the upcoming release of her husband Marc Emery from US prison.
Jun 1 2014
CANNABIS CULTURE - A good act is hard to follow, but Champs did a decent job in its first year taking the reins of Canada's largest marijuana-related expo from Treating Yourself Magazine.
May 9 2014
CANNABIS CULTURE - A high-volume group of pot activists hit the streets of Vancouver for the 2014 Global Marijuana March to celebrate cannabis and call for an end to marijuana prohibition.


Activist Resources

Jun 5 2012
Greenline Academy wants to be Canada’s top institute of higher learning, a place students can earn what amounts to a Master’s in medical marijuana.
Feb 21 2012
Governor Chafee is under fire in Rhode Island for blocking three medical-marijuana dispensaries authorized in 2009 and selected in 2011 from starting operations.
Jul 27 2010
CANNABIS CULTURE - Want to be a member of the 'Free Marc' Campaign but don't know where to start? Cannabis Culture presents a step-by-step guide to occupying your local Conservative Member of Parliament's office.
May 11 2010
CANNABIS CULTURE - Want to help Free Marc Emery and end cannabis prohibition, but don't know what to do? Here is a list of 75 things you can do to help FREE MARC EMERY from US prison.
Oct 1 2009
CANNABIS CULTURE – Is marijuana decriminalization a step in the right direction or a crafty trick to widen the net of the Drug Warriors?


PotTV Videos

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Jul 21 2014
POT TV - Cannabis commentator 'Radical' Russ Belville is on the air – and now on Pot TV – with The Russ Belville Show.
Jul 21 2014
POT TV - Welcome back to the Opus LIVE show 026 happy July 21st, the 30th week of the year. Opus LIVE has many ways to enjoy the show, The Opus LIVE Youtube Playlist Opus LIVE on Youtube, All the past shows from POTTV Opus LIVE on POTTV, for all you Audio...
Jul 18 2014
POT TV - It's been almost a month since Jodie's last show and there is much to catch up on.
Jul 18 2014
POT TV - Join Cannabis Culture Associate Editor Marius Stoner for his weekly cannabis news wrap-up. This week: Washington state starts selling recreational bud and Washington DC decriminalizes.


Cannabis Activism

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Check out the CC Forums Calendar for planned events from around the world!

Check out the CC Forums Calendar for planned events from around the world!

POT TV - The Mernahuana Zone is vaporizing like a Boss while doing Davenport poll drops for the provincial election. The provincial election happens Thursday, but we’re not going to dull our world wide weed audience with just Ontario political talk tonight.


Popular in Activism

Chris Bennett, Cannabis Culture
Nov 19 2010
CANNABIS CULTURE - Marijuana activist and cannabis historian Chris Bennett responds to recent articles from NORML that...
Marc Emery
Jun 5 2010
CANNABIS CULTURE - For the first time in US history, there is a state initiative to legalize marijuana possession, use, and...
Jan 14 2010
Here is an interview I did on the Joy TV show The Standard last fall about my current case regarding religious freedoms and the...
Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture
May 13 2010
CANNABIS CULTURE - A group of Vancouver marijuana activists occupied Conservative MP James Moore's Port Moody office on Tuesday...


Jul 17 2014
Now, the nation's capitol will treat possession of the herb like a parking ticket, with a fee.
Jul 8 2014
It now looks extremely likely that the residents of the nation's capitol will vote in November on whether to legalize the...
Jun 26 2014
The district’s residents have no voting representatives in Congress, so the power of the vote has been superseded.
Jun 25 2014
The GOP-dominated House Appropriations Committee stuck a thumb in the eye of democratic governance in the nations capital this...


Jul 24 2014
For Bill Piper, there’s no doubt that the nation’s war on drugs has failed, with 666,000 Americans arrested on marijuana...
Jul 22 2014
The New Approach Oregon marijuana legalization initiative has qualified for the November ballot, the secretary of state's...
Jul 18 2014
POT TV - Join Cannabis Culture Associate Editor Marius Stoner for his weekly cannabis news wrap-up.
Jul 17 2014
A strong majority of Canadians think the federal government should either legalize marijuana or decriminalize the possession of...


Jul 24 2014
Justin Blackmon, the Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver under indefinite NFL suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse...
Jun 23 2014
Marijuana is legal for recreational use in two states and for medical use in nearly two dozen others, but that hasn't kept...
Jun 11 2014
Police use the number of low-level drug arrests to sustain critical law enforcement funding from the federal government.
Jun 10 2014
His top cop Bill Bratton seems unaware that pot has been decriminalized... since 1977.

March and Rally

Jul 17 2014
A Warren County advocate for medical marijuana plans to return today to the New Jersey State House in Trenton to call...
May 19 2014
CANNABIS CULTURE - The protesting started early this year for the Toronto edition of Global Marijuana March.
May 9 2014
CANNABIS CULTURE - A high-volume group of pot activists hit the streets of Vancouver for the 2014 Global Marijuana March to...
May 9 2014
POT TV - Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community.

Bills & Legislation

May 29 2014
While many federally authorized patients who are covered by the injunction can continue to grow their own cannabis until a...
Jul 11 2012
By early fall, Ohio law will start treating people caught with a marijuana pipe the same way it treats those who get most...
Jun 27 2012
People caught with small amounts of marijuana in Chicago will be ticketed instead of arrested under a new ordinance passed by...
Jun 12 2012
Catharine Leach is married and has two boys, age 2 and 8.

Constitution & Charter

Mar 19 2014
Starting April 1, Canadian medical marijuana users have to buy dried buds from licensed businesses
Mar 18 2014
Lawyers are in a federal court in British Columbia arguing that patients who have licences to grow their own medical marijuana...
Nov 18 2013
Activists lit up in protest of the War on Drugs—now they face severe charges.
Mar 18 2013
Ohio voters could see an Ohio constitutional amendment on the November ballot that would legalize medical marijuana and create...