Mar 17 2015
CANNABIS CULTURE - Activist David Malmo-Levine's Master Plans to bring medical marijuana to the masses and save the world.
Mar 9 2015
Surrey’s fire chief has a “cultural bias” against licensed marijuana grow-ops, which is why he wrongly concludes they are more dangerous than regular residences, an expert witness is expected to testify at a Vancouver court case.
Feb 23 2015
CANNABIS CULTURE - Want the latest from the Allard et al. v. Her Majesty the Queen trial as it happens? Watch Cannabis Culture's Twitter Feed for live updates from the case that could drastically change Canada's medical marijuana program.
Jan 26 2015
With a federal election on the horizon, voters and politicians across Canada are speaking up on what’s sure to be a hot-button issue this election: the decriminalization or legalization of marijuana.
Jan 24 2015
CANNABIS CULTURE - Vancouver's own Prince of Pot Marc Emery will visit the University of British Columbia next Tuesday for a discussion about his career as an activist and the future of marijuana.
Jan 16 2015
Marijuana activist Jodie Emery says her bid to become a Liberal MP has ended with the party’s rejection Friday of her bid for the nomination in Vancouver East.
Dec 31 2014
Anti-marijuana activists have warned that legalising weed would lead to increased drug addiction, mental problems and crime – but in Colorado, which legalised recreational use of marijuana, the opposite has happened.
Dec 29 2014
Support it or not, there’s no denying that this was a watershed year for marijuana.
Dec 25 2014
Marijuana Policy Project mails New York Times columnist card making fun of her edible-induced "hallucinatory state".
Dec 17 2014
The federal spending bill passed last week is full of buried provisions, allocations and defunding in its more than 1,600 pages. One of the quieter add-ins was a measure that essentially ends the federal ban on medical marijuana.


Activist Resources

Jun 5 2012
Greenline Academy wants to be Canada’s top institute of higher learning, a place students can earn what amounts to a Master’s in medical marijuana.
Feb 21 2012
Governor Chafee is under fire in Rhode Island for blocking three medical-marijuana dispensaries authorized in 2009 and selected in 2011 from starting operations.
Jul 27 2010
CANNABIS CULTURE - Want to be a member of the 'Free Marc' Campaign but don't know where to start? Cannabis Culture presents a step-by-step guide to occupying your local Conservative Member of Parliament's office.
May 11 2010
CANNABIS CULTURE - Want to help Free Marc Emery and end cannabis prohibition, but don't know what to do? Here is a list of 75 things you can do to help FREE MARC EMERY from US prison.
Oct 1 2009
CANNABIS CULTURE – Is marijuana decriminalization a step in the right direction or a crafty trick to widen the net of the Drug Warriors?


PotTV Videos

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Mar 16 2015
POT TV - Watch The 420 Lifestyle presented by Opus – LIVE TODAY at 4PM PT on Pot TV – with your hosts Mik Mann and Jade Ridge....
Mar 12 2015
POT TV - 3RD KLASS THURSDAY 2NITE at Vapor Central! Hunter Collins wanted you all to know the following: 3RD KLASS THURSDAY 2nite at Vapor Central! This is the kinda show you take home to mom, to show that coot what a real show is and rub in how James...
Mar 9 2015
POT TV - Watch The 420 Lifestyle presented by Opus – LIVE TODAY at 4PM PT on Pot TV – with your hosts Mik Mann and Jade Ridge.
Mar 6 2015
POT TV - Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. In this episode: We interview John Conroy, head lawyer in the Allard et al. v. Her Majesty the Queen in Vancouver.


Cannabis Activism

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CC Forums: Activism
Mar 20 2015
CC Forums: Activism
Mar 20 2015
CC Forums: Activism
Mar 20 2015
CC Forums: Activism
Mar 20 2015

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Check out the CC Forums Calendar for planned events from around the world!

Check out the CC Forums Calendar for planned events from around the world!

CANNABIS CULTURE - The Liberal Party of Canada has made marijuana legalization part of their official policy and party leader Justin Trudeau has pledged his support. Here's how you can spread the message and help the party right now!


Popular in Activism

Chris Bennett, Cannabis Culture
Nov 19 2010
CANNABIS CULTURE - Marijuana activist and cannabis historian Chris Bennett responds to recent articles from NORML that...
Marc Emery
Jun 5 2010
CANNABIS CULTURE - For the first time in US history, there is a state initiative to legalize marijuana possession, use, and...
Jan 14 2010
Here is an interview I did on the Joy TV show The Standard last fall about my current case regarding religious freedoms and the...
Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture
May 13 2010
CANNABIS CULTURE - A group of Vancouver marijuana activists occupied Conservative MP James Moore's Port Moody office on Tuesday...


Mar 17 2015
President Barack Obama wants young Americans to reconsider their political priorities.
Feb 26 2015
Jamaica decriminalizes possession of small amounts of pot, paves way for medical marijuana.
Feb 9 2015
Possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use has been decriminalised in Jamaica after a drugs law that was passed...
Dec 11 2014
In states where marijuana is now legal, many people still have small-scale possession convictions on their records.


Mar 27 2015
Veteran country star plans to launch his own brand of weed, Willie’s Reserve, to sell in states where marijuana is legal
Mar 20 2015
POT TV - 420 Toronto 2015 Monday April 20th 2015 Yonge & Dundas Square Noon to 6:00pm Most Up To Date Vendor Site Map...
Mar 17 2015
President Barack Obama wants young Americans to reconsider their political priorities.


Mar 13 2015
400 plant grow-op capable of producing $500K worth of marijuana
Mar 11 2015
Owner has until March 19 to close shop in Squamish – or face consequences
Mar 11 2015
Texas Rep. David Simpson makes a surprising case for ending prohibition.
Feb 19 2015
A 36-year-old man from Gull Lake faces several charges after his 20-month old son spent two days in intensive care after...

March and Rally

Aug 18 2014
The Prince of Pot returned Sunday to the place where his marijuana crusade began and told supporters his time in prison in the...
Jul 17 2014
A Warren County advocate for medical marijuana plans to return today to the New Jersey State House in Trenton to call...
May 19 2014
CANNABIS CULTURE - The protesting started early this year for the Toronto edition of Global Marijuana March.
May 9 2014
CANNABIS CULTURE - A high-volume group of pot activists hit the streets of Vancouver for the 2014 Global Marijuana March to...

Bills & Legislation

May 29 2014
While many federally authorized patients who are covered by the injunction can continue to grow their own cannabis until a...
Jul 11 2012
By early fall, Ohio law will start treating people caught with a marijuana pipe the same way it treats those who get most...
Jun 27 2012
People caught with small amounts of marijuana in Chicago will be ticketed instead of arrested under a new ordinance passed by...
Jun 12 2012
Catharine Leach is married and has two boys, age 2 and 8.

Constitution & Charter

Jan 23 2015
A decision by a federal judge makes in a criminal marijuana case could soon provide another step towards legitimizing and even...
Aug 14 2014
Court challenge stems from B.C. case of Owen Smith, who was charged with trafficking for baking pot cookies
Aug 14 2014
B.C.’s highest court has ruled there is a constitutional right to tasty pot cookies and other marijuana products such as...
Mar 19 2014
Starting April 1, Canadian medical marijuana users have to buy dried buds from licensed businesses