Did Jesus Heal With Cannabis?

CANNABIS CULTURE – The idea that Jesus could have healed with cannabis, at first glance, seems preposterous, yet, it becomes more believable, the more you look into it. Moreover, this information has garnered international media attention, in reputable news sources like the BBC, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Vice, and other media. In a 2014

The Scythian’s Ritual Use of Cannabis

CANNABIS CULTURE – One of the most fascinating, yet barbaric pre-common era cannabis using societies can be found in a group of nomadic tribes now known collectively as the ancient Scythians (as the Greeks referred to them) or Sakas (as the Persians knew them). For some centuries (particularly 7th century B.C., to the 1st century

Cannabis in Ancient Greece

CANNABIS CULTURE – The myths and philosophy of ancient Greece have influenced Western Society and Sciences in many profound ways. Considering the metropolitan nature of Greece, it would is hard to believe that they too, would not have come under the spell of a magical plant that was so clearly popular in the ancient world and

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