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What Wounded Veterans Need: Medical Marijuana

The American Legion, representing millions of wartime vets, calls on Trump to loosen federal restrictions on medical marijuana research to help those suffering from PTSD, TBI, opioid abuse, and more.

By Cannabis Culture Magazine on

TOMORROW: Toronto City Hall Smoke-Out to Protest Project Claudia Raids

CANNABIS CULTURE- Join Cannabis Culture’s exiled Princess of Pot Jodie Emery at Toronto City Hall tomorrow at 11 am to mark the one-year anniversary of the shameful, violent and expensive Project Claudia police raids against marijuana dispensaries.
By Chris Bennett on

The Cannabis Arcanum of Paracelsus

CANNABIS CULTURE – The techniques of preparation for disease fighting, life preserving elixirs was the core for many medieval and renaissance alchemists, and this was an adaption from Islamic influences that came into Europe following the Crusades.