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On Campus: Gold Standard for Medical Cannabis

There is mounting evidence of the efficacy of medical cannabis for a wide range of conditions, yet regulators – as well as physicians and patients – call for assurances that safe, consistent and well-quantified products can be delivered.

Cannabis to Help You Snooze

An Israeli company is formulating the first “cannaceutical” aiming to help people with insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Cannabis For Canines. Yes It’s a Real Thing

More and more people are turning to marijuana for medical treatment and now some pet owners are purchasing a legal version of cannabis to give their canines some medical relief.

New Canadian Online Dispensary Features Triple Lab-Tested Products Showing Amount of THC, CBD, & CBN Each Product Contains

Sponsored Content by CannabisCare.ca Cannabis Care Online Dispensary has been generating and enjoying buzz as one of Canada’s best online dispensaries. But more than just a place to buy weed online in Canada, it offers a wide variety of triple lab-tested cannabis products, THC products, and CBD products. These include lab tested MMJ strains (including the

By Roy Berger on

Liberal-Lies: Pot Tsars, Profit Shares and Project Gator’s Death Roll

Young voters resurrected the Liberal Party during the last election and part of the deal was marijuana legalization. Yet today, nearly 18 months later, two of the loudest anti-prohibition advocates, Marc & Jodie Emery, are facing a possible life sentence…for allegedly selling marijuana. Trudeau and Jodie Emery in the lead-up to election December 15, 2014Read More