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‘The Physical effects of Certain Drugs’ from ‘The Occult Digest’ (1925)

CANNABIS CULTURE – Lately, I have been researching all sorts of 19th and early 20th century occult material on the use of cannabis by a variety of occultists, for my forthcoming book ‘Liber 420: Cannabis Arcanum’ . I thought this little gem from a 1925 Occult periodical, was worth sharing in its completed form. TheRead More
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Did Jesus Heal With Cannabis?

CANNABIS CULTURE – The idea that Jesus could have healed with cannabis, at first glance, seems preposterous, yet, it becomes more believable, the more you look into it. Moreover, this information has garnered international media attention, in reputable news sources like the BBC, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Vice, and other media. In a 2014Read More