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By David Malmo-Levine on

My Sad and Frightening Evening with Dr. Diane MacIntosh

The incident in this article, although a few months back, it remains relevant and will continue to be relevant as long as the Prohibitionist side pushes lies and false science onto the public. Allow me to introduce you all to one of the most effective liars on their side – she’s attractive, well-spoken, good atRead More
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By Ben Wannamaker on

“Shut up and do the dishes” – CC gets lit with Ben Cator of Ben Cator Glass

Need a glass penguin rig dressed like a Viking? Or like your favourite movie villain? They’re one of one. A silver fume chaos pendant catch your eye? Those custom one-offs are hard to come by and often sell out before they’re advertised. Need a dime piece with matching dabber carb cap? You get the picture…Read More